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Nimi on the Fly is a non-profit charitable organization that seeks to enrich the lives of youth and young people in Canton, Ohio, through the sport of fly fishing. 

We believe every person deserves the opportunity to enjoy the wonder of the outdoors, deepen their care for our natural resources, and have their character cultivated through mentor-ship. We believe that we can find each of these things in our own backyard, along the beautiful waters of the Nimishillen Creek. 

Through our one-on-one instructional classes, unique rod-share program, and fish stockings, we provide mentor-ship, enrichment, and empowerment to our community's youth and young people. By investing in the resources already within our community-- our  young leaders of tomorrow and our city's water way, the Nimishillen Creek, we will see long term vitality and development come to our community. 

We believe in engaging with empowering youth to use local resources, like the Nimishillen River and local fish

Our Mission

Nimi on the Fly is a charity that enriched the lives of youth in Canton, Ohio, through the sport of fly fishing.

Our Mission

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